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Aragnid is one of the bosses added in Revelations Chapter Two, and can be found in Tomb. He is the Tomb-alternative version of The Widow.


Aragnid will be in the middle of the room sleeping when the player enters the boss room. Shooting him will cause him to wake up and leap into the air. Upon landing, he will spit out three Innards. He will then jump up to the ceiling and begin swinging, officially starting the fight. At this point the player's tears will not be able to damage Aragnid.

Phase 1 (above 66% Health).

  • Aragnid will always try to have at least 5 Innards out at once.
    • Only two Innards can be active at once. Active innards continually spawn small piles of slowing creep. After a while of being active, Innards will begin moving towards the player, and if they take any form of damage, they will start shooting tears directly upward and then die, spawning a Spider.
      • Tears that are shot in the air while the Innards are dying can damage Aragnid.
  • Aragnid fires a large homing tear at the player that breaks into a large burst of smaller homing tears upon landing.
    • If the player is hit with the initial tear shot, it will not break into smaller shots.

Phase 2 (below 66% Health).

  • Aragnid spits out Innards until there are eight of them on the ground. He then stops swinging and jumps down and starts landing on the Innards, making them burst into a volley of tears. Each time he lands on an Innard, he spits out a large homing tear at the player that breaks into a large burst of homing tears upon landing. He continues this until there are two Innards left, then he jumps back up and begins swinging again.
  • Aragnid has all the previous attacks from Phase 1.
  • Aragnid spits up a large amount of homing tears in the air that rain down on the player for a long period of time.
    • Standing under Aragnid during this will make the tears hurt Aragnid.

Phase 3 (below 33% Health).

  • Aragnid jumps down and begins landing on the Innards like in the start of Phase 2.

Champion Versions

  • Champion: Aragnid takes on a form similar to a giant Necragmancer. He does not aim his purple homing tears at the player but instead at dead innards or Revival Rags, reviving them. Revived Innards create damaging purple creep as opposed to slowing black creep. If Aragnid leaps on an Innard, it leaves behind Revival Rags of a random enemy type.


  • Since Aragnid is swinging above the player for the majority of the fight, it's wise to try killing the Innards directly under Aragnid so that all of the tears spawned by the Innard hit Aragnid.


  • Aragnid was a boss idea that was created before Tomb was conceived. He was decided to be included in Tomb because his design fit the theme.
  • The Name Aragnid Is a Play On The Words Rag (Being The Boss Ragman wich is mostly what the Tomb was based on) And Aracnid (Reffering to The Species of Spiders)