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Boils are stationary enemies with the ability to regenerate. Revelations added the following variants.

Bomb Sack[edit | edit source]

Bomb Sack
    Character Appearance
    Tear Appearance
Base HP
Appears in
Stage Burning Basement icon.png

Bomb Sacks are uncommon enemies exclusively found in Burning Basement and can be spawned by champion Raging Long Legs. They were added in the Sin Update.

Like regular Boils, they can regenerate when damaged. In some rooms, they can spawn spiders when at full swelling, though they will stop this attack if no other enemies are alive in the room besides Spiders and Bomb Sacks. Their main ability, however, is that whenever touched by flaming enemies (Flaming Gapers, Flaming Hoppers, Flaming Fatties, Crispies or Raging Long Legs' fires), their fuses ignite and they begin to shrink. When killed in this state or if allowed to finish shrinking, Bomb Sacks explode, damaging obstacles and players around them but dealing minor damage to enemies. This is sometimes used to uncover rewards barred off by rocks without the need for player Bombs.

Bomb Sacks do not need to be killed to clear the room, similar to Necragmancers.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Bomb Sacks flash white when they are about to detonate.

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