Buffed Enemies

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Buffed Enemies is a mechanic added in Revelations Chapter Two. The mechanic allows for previously slain enemies to be revived back to life with new abilities. When certain rag enemies die, they will drop Revival Rags on the ground which allows them to be revived. Revival Rags can be revived by Necragmancer, Revival Trap Tiles or Tomb Wrath along with his super variant.

Anima have the unique ability to buff rag enemies while they are still standing.

Revive-able Enemies

  • Rag Gaper: Becomes faster and his rolling head will last longer. When his head falls off while buffed, instead of destroying the body, a Rag Gusher will be left. If the Rag Gusher is not destroyed in a short period of time, another head will regenerate.
  • Rag Bony: Instead of shooting bones at the player, Rag Bony will instead imbue a bone with homing, and send it towards the player. While the bone is in the air, the Rag Bony will remain stationary, controlling the bone. If the bone hits a wall or falls to the ground, Rag Bony will stop controlling the bone and begin wandering again.
  • Rag Trite: Occasionally does a large leap towards the player, leaving damaging creep where they land, and then another leap towards the player.
  • Rag Tag: Becomes faster and can sometimes deflect player bullets.
  • Wretcher: Becomes faster, and when they summon locusts, they also spawn a pool of damaging creep.
  • Rag Fatty: Becomes faster. Upon death, the buffed Rag Fatty's head will fall to the ground in a pile of guts, and will begin quickly sliding towards the player, leaving damaging creep on the ground. Occasionally, Rag Fatty's head will jump in the air and slam the ground, leaving a large amount of creep and sending out a burst of homing tears towards the player.
  • Rag Drifties: Spits a rapid amount of stationary homing bullets that seek the player if they get close. Takes longer between each spit.
  • Tomb Lust/Tomb Super Lust: Acts the same as she usually does but the revival tear that brings her back aids her in the fight against the player.


  • The main distinction between a buffed enemy to their normal appearance is that a buffed enemy always has purple glowing from inside, often through any visible eye sockets.