Cabbage Patch

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Cabbage Patch
    Character Appearance
    Tear Appearance
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"Eat your greens"
Item Type
Passive Collectible
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Item Pools
Treasure Room

Cabbage Patch is a passive collectible added in Revelations Chapter 2.


  • In any room, there will be 1-2 green sprouts on the ground. Shooting these sprouts will cause them to grow. When they are fully grown, they explode and spawn a vegetable familiar.
    • The explosion does not hurt the player but will destroy rocks, damage enemies, reveal secret rooms, etc.
  • Vegetable familiars constantly hop around, throwing themselves at enemies, doing damage equal to 1.5 of the player's damage.
  • After throwing themselves at enemies 5 times, they will die.
  • There are multiple variants of cabbages, increasing as you pick up specific items.


  • Cabbage: Standard. Hops around slowly towards enemies it can hit. No items required.
  • Red Cabbage: A rare variant of the Cabbage that deals more damage and jumps much faster. No items required.
  • Pumpkin: Acts the same as the Cabbage, but also fears nearby enemies. Unlocked by having items that cause fear, such as Mom's Perfume.
  • Mustard: Same as the Pumpkin, but instead slows nearby enemies. Upon death, spawns a Light Beam that deals damage. Unlocked with items that create beams of light, such as Crack the Sky.
  • Pepper: Hops quickly towards enemies, leaving a damaging fire when it dies. Unlocked with items that burn or create fire, such as Ghost Pepper.
  • Tomato: Hops towards enemies, creating a short ranged, plus-shaped brimstone beam when it dies. Unlocked with items similar to brimstone, such as Lil' Brimstone.
  • Carrot: Hops towards enemies, occasionally jumping into the air to drill downwards and dealing constant damage. Unlocked with items that give piercing or are related to digging.
  • Beetroot: Hops towards enemies, occasionally pausing to fire a tear at an enemy. Unlocked with some items that give tear effects, such as 3 Dollar Bill.
  • Garlic: Hops towards enemies, poisoning them as it gets near. Unlocked with items that cause poison, such as the Common Cold.
  • Broccoli: Hops towards enemies, occasionally pausing to fire 2 lasers at enemies. Unlocked with technology themed items, such as Technology 2.
  • Artichoke: Hops towards enemies, occasionally pausing to fire a Mom's Knife like leaf. Unlocked with Mom's Knife (and other items?). Note: The leaf appears to currently be bugged and not actually appear.
  • Potato: Hops towards enemies slowly. Upon its death, it burrows into the ground and explodes when an enemy gets near. Unlocked with Dr. Fetus.
  • Corn: Hops towards enemies slowly. Upon its death, it fires itself at an enemy like an Epic Fetus missile. Unlocked with Epic Fetus.
  • Joseph Stalin: Hops towards enemies slowly. Upon its death, multiple potato mines fall onto the ground. Unlocked by having both Dr. Fetus and Epic Fetus at the same time.


  • Some characters appear to start with certain vegetables unlocked. The Lost, for example, starts with Pumpkins despite Holy Mantle and D4 not granting Pumpkins.
  • Items to unlock the variants seem to be both conceptually related and related from game mechanics. An example being Holy Light and Holy Mantle, both unlocking the Mustard. Holy Light creates the light beams that are part of Mustard's effects but Holy Mantle is simply Holy.
  • Potato, Joseph Stalin, and possibly Corn's effects are references to the mobile game Plants vs. Zombies which also uses animated plants to fight enemies. The game has Potato Mines and Cob Cannons which operate in an identical way as the vegetables.

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