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    Character Appearance
    Tear Appearance
Catastrophe portrait.png
Base HP
Cricket: 100

Tammy: 100

Guppy: 75

Moxie: 75

Appears in
Stage tomb.png

Catastrophe is one of the bosses added in Revelations Chapter Two, and can be found in Tomb. They are four different bosses with different health, but all four of them must be killed to complete the fight.


In order to start the fight, the player must disturb the ball of yarn that will spawn in the middle of the arena, by either walking into it or shooting it with a tear.

Catastrophe first start with only two cats active at a time alternating when taking enough damage.

Each cat has their own attack pattern:

  • Guppy:
    • Spawns 3-5 Attack Flies.
    • Swipes 1-4 times towards the player.
    • Fires a brimstone-type laser made out of flies towards the other active cat(s).
  • Cricket:
    • Leaps off screen into the air and then crashes down on the player, releasing a short rock wave going in all directions.
    • Spits out a large homing tear towards the player.
    • Swipes 1-4 times towards the player.
  • Tammy:
    • Release a wave of tears in a plus pattern(+)
    • Release a wave of tears in a cross pattern(x)
    • Release a wave of tears in an eight way spray of tears(*)
    • Charge at the player, continually gaining momentum. When he hits the wall, tears are shot out in all eight directions.
    • Swipes 1-4 times towards the player.
  • Moxie:
    • Lines up the ball of yarn to the player and hits it towards them.
    • Does a long spinning attack that bats around the yarn ball. Any tears shot at Moxie while spinning will be knocked back and can hit the player.
    • Swipes 1-4 times towards the player.

Champion Versions

  • Champion: Cricket, Tammy and Moxie are all active throughout the fight. Guppy however is entombed in a cask and doesn't engage in the battle. All 3 active cats only fall back to sleep once the health bar has been fully depleted as opposed to each cat having their own health.


  • Catastrophe's fight isn't regarded as a fight. Team Revelations has stated that you're just playing with the cats.
    • In the same way, at the end of the fight, the cats don't die, but fall back to sleep.


  • Catastrophe is based on Edmund McMillen's various cats he has owned over the years: Guppy, Tammy, Moxie, and Cricket.
  • The cats' appearance when curled up, as well as Guppy's Champion appearance, resembles Canopic Jars.
  • The Name is Spelled correct . But Cat Is Evidentiaded as a pun on cathastrophe and cat