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This page lists all of the content added or changed in Chapter 2's Sin Update. The official changelog is as follows:

  • Features

-Added champions for the Ch 2 bosses

-Added elite minibosses to Revelations floors, appearing occasionally in larger rooms throughout the floor

-Sin minibosses now have unique boss patterns in Revelations floors

-Added new sin items rewarded for beating Revelations sins

-Added the Hub room, replacing transitions into Revelations floors with a trapdoor that allows you to choose any path, also replacing Dante's "start in Glacier" option

-Added a Rev Boss Practice challenge, allowing you to practice against bosses you have encountered to learn their patterns

-Shrines have been reworked, now granting floor-wide rather than permanent buffs. Two of the original buffs have been made into new items

-More rooms have been added to Revelations floors, including unique special rooms and unique challenge waves

-Added several Tomb enemies that did not make the cut for the release build, and some entirely new

-Added several new Ice Hazard variants, containing Clotties, Brother Blizzards, and Troll Bombs

-Added more secrets?

  • Tweaks

-Sarah sin spawning has been rebalanced, and her sins can now be used to damage enemies

-Implemented Narcissus 2's iconic laser attacks that have always been a huge part of his personality

-Heavily tweaked Maxwell and Sarcophaguts behind the scenes for smoother gameplay

-Updated the palettes of most monsters in Glacier to add more variety

-Added unique sounds to many existing bosses and monsters

-Added a healthbar to Prank

-Reworked Rolling Snowballs

-I. Blobs are much rarer in glacier

-Added particle graphics to various situations, tweak the "Particles" option in the rev menu to reduce or disable them

-Improved light effects, can be disabled in Rev options

-Added more Revelations floor monster reskins

-Sarah now has unique costume sprites which retain her eye color

  • Items

-Made burning bush more consistent and less prone to getting worse with more items

-Burning Bush now synergizes with more items, old synergies improved

-Cabbage Patch now synergizes with various items

-Addict now synergizes with Starter Deck

-Lil Belial now synergizes with Death's List

-Lil Michael now synergizes with other weapon types

-Birth Control now synergizes with more familiars and trinkets

-Death's Mask now synergizes with Book of the Dead

-Ice Tray now synergizes with Ludo

  • Fixes

-Raging Long Legs fires can now be extinguished with more weapon types

-Fixed and tweaked shaders

-Adjusted ids, variants, and subtypes of all entities to fit within their internal ranges

The Sin Update received a patch the day after release, the changelog is as follows:

-Fixed Maxwell's Horn unlock

-Improved Maxwell and Catastrophe's sounds

-Increased Narcissus 2's base health and healing from pillars

-Nerf Narcissus 2's healing from charm of the vampire and when healing over his phase threshold

-Fix 8 Inch Nails not counting toward a Cabbage Patch veggie

-Nerfed Burning Bush, should be less prone to getting ridiculously overpowered with other items

-Elites now check doors before attempting to set a room

-Hub now works properly in XL base floors

-Made a secret 8% more obvious

-Reduced the amount of spiders spawned by Raging Long Legs

-Pride's Posturing can now only be used on the first visit of an unclear room

-Menu now closes itself on new game, fixing being able to take the boss hall out of its challenge

-Fixed various rooms in tomb and glacier

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