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Chuck is an Elite mini-boss added in the Sin Update. He is currently the only Elite found in Glacier. He can be found randomly in any 2x1, 1x2 or 2x2 room, usually along the path towards the floor's Boss.


Chuck's main gimmick is using his strength against him. Accompanying him is a large chunk of Ice that can only be used (and destroyed) by Chuck.

  • For most of the fight, Chuck will attempt to ram into the player.
    • Chuck often runs faster than the player, requiring the player to run in a circle periodically to avoid getting caught by him.
    • Chuck is impervious to damage during this attack.
    • Enemies in his way will be killed by him.
  • If Chuck rams into the large ice block, he slams it across the room, creating 4 diagonal rock waves and sending a massive burst of tears above and below.
    • The Ice block leaves a trail of ice creep as it slides.
  • Once the Ice block slams against the wall, it sends out more rock waves and causes spiked Ice Hazards to drop from the ceiling.
  • If Chuck is tricked into hitting a spiked Ice Hazard, he will take a portion of damage and will angrily punch the Ice Hazard away, releasing the contents within.
  • After taking enough damage, Chuck will dash towards his Ice Block and throw it in the air, landing near Isaac.
    • When the Ice Block lands it sends out 4 rock waves in a plus formation as well as splashes tears around itself and causes more spiked Ice Hazards to fall from the ceiling.
  • Following the ice throw attack, Chuck begins flexing before a Stalactrite lands on his head and breaks free, temporarily knocking Chuck to the floor.
  • Chuck can also destroy ice blocks when running at the player, often sending out a cluster of short-ranged tears.
    • Chuck's ice block can also break ice blocks when slammed by Chuck but produces no tears.
  • If Chuck rams into a pit, he will attempt to jump over it. Upon landing, he will cause a spiked Ice Hazard to fall from the ceiling.

Chuck is also temporarily vulnerable to normal attacks when he:

  • Has just slammed into his Ice Block.
  • Is punching away a spiked Ice Hazard.
  • Has just thrown his Ice Block (is invulnerable again when he begins flexing).
  • After the Stalactrite lands on his head and knocks him down.

Upon death, Chuck reforms horizontal from his ice block and out of frustration will ram his head into it. Upon impact, both the ice block and his teeth crack and break, defeating Chuck for good.

Chuck's Ice Block

Chuck Ice
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Chuck's Ice serves as his main weapon. It can not be destroyed until the end of the fight when Chuck rams his head into it.


  • Chuck is one of the few enemies to leave a corpse, the others being The Lamb and Catastrophe.
  • The music that plays during Chuck's fight is named Tundra Titan.
  • Chuck's name may be a reference to famous actor and martial artist Chuck Norris.