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This page contains all, or most, of the content cut from The Binding of Isaac: Revelations that has been revealed to the public. The information on this page has been revealed through the Binding of Isaac Discord publicly, in the #revelations channel; or directly from a developer that has allowed it to be posted on this page.

Chapter 1



Concept Art of Geminice.
Geminice in Chapter One's Promo Art.

Geminice was a planned boss which would be a variant of the vanilla boss Gemini . It's unclear how his bossfight would go, but it's been said by devs that he would have been able to swing his ice cube around and also ride it. Geminice is also pictured in Chapter One's Promo Art. He was cut due to time constraints.




Unnamed Geicer Boss

Concept Art.
Concept Art.

This boss was planned to be a Geicer based boss.

"Imagine that he uses his spikes to cut off parts of the room than shoots out a stalactite or him shooting out projectiles like a volcano that leave icy creep"

Was cut because of time constraints and not having a clear idea of what the boss would be.




Ice Husk

HuskCutImg.png - Ice Husk was an early planned boss. It's unclear if it would have been a reskin of Husk, or a completely new boss. Was cut and replaced by Duke of Flakes.

Ice Gish

GishCutImg.png - Recolor of Gish. Was cut and replaced by Monsnow.

Freezer Famine (Frost Rider)

FaminePortImg.png - Unused portrait for Frost Rider when he was called Freezer Famine.


Cloud Mega

Concept Art.

Cloud Mega was a planned Elite Monster for the Champion Update. It would be the fourth and final leveled upgrade in the Snow Flake, Big Snow Flake, and Cloudy level chain. He was cut due to being too hard to sprite.




Breezy Grimace

Concept Art.

Breezy Grimace was a planned Grimace type that would spawn in Glacier. It would blow the player (and possibly his tears) around most likely into something hazardous (Ice Tiles, Spikes, ect). It was planned for release, but was cut because the team didn't like the design all that much.



Ice Poop Turret

IcePoopImg.png - Unused Ice Poop Turret enemy that would be spawned by Flurry Jr during his bossfight. Was cut, Flurry Jr now shoots out Frosty Horfs that act as turrets.


Pool Noodle

PoolNoodleImg.png- Cut trinket that would change Treasure, Angel, Devil, and Boss item pools to give better items. Was cut because it was "impossible or simply a pain to code."

Dragon Mask

DragonMaskImg.png - Early version of Burning Bush.

Unused or Cut Sprites


Cut Sprites

  • BossImg.png - Cut Last Will icons for Revelations' bosses. Cut because the workarounds for implementing custom Last Will icons were either too hard, or impossible.
  • MonsterImg.png - Cut Last Will icons for Revelations' monsters. Cut because the workarounds for implementing custom Last Will icons were either too hard, or impossible.
  • GlacierStreakImg.png - Cut strike-through image for Glacier. Cut because it didn't fit in with the other strike-through images.

Cut Concepts

  • IceBumImg.png - Cut Bum named Jimothy St. Jones that would give a tutorial on how Chill Rooms worked. Was cut because the Binding of Isaac never holds players hands, so it felt out of place.
  • ChillRoomConcept.png - Early design for Chill Rooms. Chill Rooms wouldn't have Braziers, but instead warmth would be provided by the torches on the doors.