Duke of Flakes

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Duke of Flakes
    Character Appearance
    Tear Appearance
Portrait dukeofflakes.png
Base HP

(DMG) * 20

Appears in
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Duke of Flakes is one of the new bosses added in Revelations Chapter One and can be found in Glacier 1. He is a Glacier variant of the base-game boss Duke of Flies, although his behavior is very different from his. Revelations adds in Health Scaling for their added bosses. Duke of Flake's health will be set at the beginning of the fight dependent on whichever number is higher between 140 or the player's damage times 20.


  • ChampionsA.png New boss champions - Defeat all bosses in Revelations: Chapter One. (Narcissus isn't required. Punker is, however.)


Phase 1

Phase 2 (starts when at 1/3 health, or if Duke of Flakes loses half of the Big Snow Flakes spawned at the beginning of the fight)

  • Spawns two Grill O' Wisps, and a permanent Freeze Aura that fills the entire room.
  • Phase 2 has all of Phase 1 attacks, along with the following.
  • Spawns four Snow Flakes, which each have the option of orbiting Duke of Flakes or following the player.
  • Occasionally shoots tears out in 8 directions.

Champion Versions

  • Champion: Signified by a darker looking Duke of Flakes. Duke of Flakes can only shoot tears out in five directions, and shoot two snowballs at the player which land and break into Snowballs; but throughout the whole fight, Snow Flakes passively spawn offscreen and orbit Duke of Flakes. If a large amount of Snow Flakes orbit Duke of Flakes, he will send them out in all directions for a devastating attack. If the player attempts to destroy all of the Snow Flakes, the spawn rates will be increased until Duke of Flakes pulls off the attack.


  • For both versions of Duke of Flakes, two Snow Flakes cannot upgrade into a Big Snow Flake, and two Big Snow Flakes cannot upgrade into a Cloudy.
  • Although it looks like Duke of Flakes leaves ice creep when he dies, he does not.