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Dungo is an Elite mini-boss added in the Sin Update. He is currently the only Elite found in Tomb. He can be found randomly in any 2x1, 1x2, 2x2 or L room usually along the path towards the floor's Boss.


As a dung beetle, Dungo's main gimmick is rolling around the room on large poop boulders, bouncing off of walls and obstacles.

Phase 1

At the start of the fight he will spawn 3 poop boulders, that will attempt to drop near the player, before mounting himself on top of one of them and beginning to roll around the room with the other poop boulders following behind him. At this stage he can perform the following moves:

  • Any Trap tiles that Dungo's boulders roll over will be triggered.
  • If Dungo rolls into one of Sarcophagi in the corners of the room, it will open, unleashing monsters.
  • Dungo may jump and smack back down on his boulder, releasing a few homing rock waves around the room that periodically create poisonous fart clouds as they travel.
  • The boulders will spawn Poop as they travel. After enough Poop has been created, a detonator-type switch will appear beside Dungo. Dungo will then press it and cause all the poops in the room to begin flashing and one by one burst into 5 short-ranged poop bullets in all directions.
  • If the boulder that Dungo is riding gets destroyed, Dungo will hop to the next available boulder and send out more homing rock waves that produce poisonous fart clouds.

Dungo's boulders can be hurt by normal attacks and upon all 3 being destroyed, Dungo will fall to the ground and begin phase 2.

Phase 2

In phase 2, Dungo will spit 3 red poop boulders instead and roll them around as usual. In this phase Dungo acts mostly the same as before but with the following changes.

  • The boulders now create Red Poop on the ground instead of regular Poop.
  • When Dungo presses his detonator, the Red poops one by one explode into more dangerous, longer ranged bouncing bullets.

Once all 3 red boulders are destroyed, Dungo falls down once again and begins whimpering. At this point Dungo no longer does anything and can be killed swiftly.


  • Sometimes one of Dungo's boulders will be replaced with a golden boulder. If all other boulders are destroyed leaving only the golden boulder, it will trail Coin pick-ups as a reward.
  • When spewing out the 3 boulders and waiting for them to land, Dungo will walk away from the player before leaping over to the boulder.


  • Dungo is currently the only Elite to exist in L rooms.
  • The music that plays during Dungo's fight is named Toxic Tumbler.