Envy's Enmity

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Envy's Enmity
    Character Appearance
    Tear Appearance
Envy Img.png
"Heads up!"
Item Type
Passive Collectible
Item ID
Item Pools
Treasure Room, Envy

Envy's Enmity is a passive collectible added in Chapter 2's Sin Update.


  • Spawns a Mini Envy head that orbits the player.
  • When the player shoots through the head, it will split into two heads that orbit a little farther away from the player and deal more damage.
  • When you have Bffs! the envy heads will turn into super envy heads which split an extra time
    • There are four different head stages:
      • 1st Head = .14 damage.
      • 2nd Head = .26 damage.
      • 3rd Head = .38 damage.
      • 4th Head = .50 damage.


  • The heads do not block enemy tears.
  • The player can have a maximum of 8 tiny envy heads

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