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This page will answer common questions about the mod. If you have a question not listed on this page, ask it on the official mod page, the official Binding of Isaac Discord server in the Revelations chat, or on this page's Discussion.

General FAQ

  • Q: So what is The Binding of Isaac Revelations?
    • A: The Binding of Isaac: Revelations is a large mod for The Binding of Isaac split into three parts, or "Chapters." The mod adds a plethora of items, enemies, and bosses; but it mainly adds a new floorpath for the player to go through, housing Glacier, Tomb, and Vestige. The first two Chapters, Glacier and Tomb, have been released and are available on the Binding of Isaac's Steam Workshop page; with Chapter 3 to be released after the Repentance DLC.
  • Q: Is this a DLC/do I have to pay for this?
    • A: No, Revelations is/will always be free and available on the Steam Workshop.
  • Q: Is this safe to download/will it break my save game?
    • A: It is safe to download and will not get rid of any progress made in the vanilla game.
  • Q: When is Chapter 3 coming out?
    • A: Team Revelations has stated that Chapter 3 will not release before Repentance. Once Repentance releases, they will work on the mod and change it according to the possible API changes added in the DLC and will release it at an appropriate time afterward.

Technical FAQ

  • Q: My game won't launch/mod doesn't load/mod only partially loads/ect.
    • A: If you have correctly installed the Binding of Isaac Revelations and its sister mod, StageAPI, then most issues that you come across will be Steam incorrectly downloading the mods to your computer. The following steps will help you to re-download the mod:
  1. Unsubscribe from Revelations and StageAPI on the Steam Workshop.
  2. Go to your Documents folder, then go to the My Games folder, then to the Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+ Mods folder.
  3. Delete the two folders that begin with "revelations" and "stageapi".
  4. Launch your game, get to the character select, and close the game.
  5. Re-subscribe to Revelations and StageAPI on the steam workshop
  6. Launch the game

These steps should refresh the download and force Steam to reinstall it. If it doesn't work, try again. Remember that Revelations is suggested to be played standalone with no other mods active, as other mods can break Revelations; and be sure you are NOT subscribed to the old Revelations mod page, located here.