Freezer Burn

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Freezer Burn
    Character Appearance
    Tear Appearance
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Base HP

(DMG) * 15

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Freezer Burn is one of the new bosses added in Revelations Chapter One and can be found in Glacier 2. He is one of the bosses added in Revelations that is not based on an in-game vanilla boss. Revelations adds in Health Scaling for their added bosses. Freezer Burn's health will be set at the beginning of the fight dependent on whichever number is higher between 325 or the player's damage times 15.


  • Achievement rev champ.png New boss champions - Defeat all bosses in Revelations: Chapter One. (Narcissus isn't required. Punker is, however.)


Phase 1

  • Throughout this phase, Freezer Burn will directly follow the player. If Freezer Burn runs into any of the fires in the room, he will extinguish the fire and be damaged.
  • Occasionally shoots fires out in 16 directions (two bursts of 8 fires).
  • Freezer Burn will begin sliding across the room, curving towards the player's location, and bouncing off any walls. He cannot stop this attack until all fires are extinguished.

Phase 2 (starts when all fires are extinguished)

  • Freezer Burn's head separates from its body, sending tears out in 6 random directions. The body is the only part of him that can be damaged, as the head is invincible.
  • The body remains stationary, occasionally shooting a single tear at the player.
  • The head directly follows the player, dealing contact damage. The head will regularly shoot fires at two of the random fireplaces, re-igniting them. After some time, the head will re-ignite all four fireplaces, and Freezer Burn will return to Phase 1.
    • Only two fireplaces can be ignited at once during Phase 2. If two different fireplaces are re-ignited, the others will go out.

Both Phases

  • A hostile Grill O' Wisp will bounce around the room, dealing contact damage to the player and leaving behind small fires behind him, which can damage the player.
  • If the player is not in a Warmth Aura, provided by the Grill O' Wisp or any currently active fires, they will be slowed.

Champion Versions

  • Champion: Signified by Freezer Burn's head burning red instead of burning orange. Freezer Burn's head and body remain separated throughout the entire fight, will the body being the only part of him that can be damaged. The body will occasionally fire a single tear at the player, and will sometimes leap to the player's position, sending tears out in 5 random directions and extinguishing any fires that he lands on. The head will randomly ignite the four fireplaces, and will sometimes send fires out in a + and an x pattern.


  • Freezer Burn's boss room layout will always be the same with the four fireplaces at the middle four corners of the room (see Gallery).
  • For the champion variant of Freezer Burn, there is no hostile Grill O' Wisp, which makes fires the player's primary source of Warmth Auras.


Freezer Burn's model and fighting mechanics could be based on Chimera, another boss from the Antibirth mod.