Frost Rider

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Frost Rider
    Character Appearance
    Tear Appearance
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Base HP

(DMG) * 13

Appears in
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Frost Rider is one of the bosses added in Revelations Chapter One and can be found in Glacier 1. He is a Glacier variant of the base-game boss Famine, although his behavior is very different from his. Revelations adds in Health Scaling for their added bosses. Frost Rider's health will be set at the beginning of the fight dependent on whichever number is higher between 480 or the player's damage times 13.


  • Achievement rev champ.png New boss champions - Defeat all bosses in Revelations: Chapter One. (Narcissus isn't required. Punker is, however.)


Phase 1

  • During this phase, Frost Rider will remain on his horse.
  • Occasionally pulls an Ice Pooter out of his mouth and uses his horse to hit it towards the player. This attack can destroy fallen Stalactites.
  • Occasionally slams his horse on the ground, sending two rock waves towards the player and randomly spawning a Stalactite.
  • Occasionally charges across the screen, targeting any fallen Stalactites, destroying them. When Frost Rider comes back on screen, he will slam into the wall he's facing, which sends tears out in the 8 cardinal directions and spawns three Stalactities.

Phase 2 (>50% HP)

  • During this phase, Frost Rider's head will be the only part of him remaining. He loosely follows the player, leaving ice creep behind him.
  • Coughs up a large number of disorganized tears (similar to Monstro's main attack)
  • Occasionally shoots an Ice Pooter towards the player.
  • Occasionally shoots a Blue-Ambered Spider at the player, along with a batch of ice tears.

Champion Versions

  • Champion: Depicted by one of Frost Rider's eyes being bruised with some teeth missing. Frost Rider remains separate from his horse the whole fight. Each section has 240 HP. The head has all attacks from the regular version's Phase 2, and the horse only has the charge attack and an attack in which he hits Frost Rider's head towards the player.


  • Bug.pngBUG: The player can sometimes move Stalactites around if they're closely up against walls.


  • Frost Rider was almost cut completely from Revelations, due to time constraints.
  • While Not Comfirmed . The Name Might Be a Refference to Ghost Rider