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The Hub is a room added in Chapter 2's Sin Update. Its purpose is to allow the player to travel between the three floorpaths in the game: the base game floorpath, Revelation's floorpath, and Repentance's floorpath (Antibirth DLC that has yet to be released). The player gets to the Hub by entering the trapdoor at the beginning of the run in the first room, or by beating the boss at the end of whatever floor they're on. Instead of bringing you to the next floor, it will drop you down into a crawlspace containing three doors, each leading to the three floorpaths. The player can then choose which floorpath they would like to travel to for the next floor.



  • The Hub will show up on the vanilla floorpath all the way up to Caves 2, which will lead the player to Tomb 2 if the Revelations floorpath is taken. Past Depths 1, the Hub will not spawn after beating the boss (this is probably because Chapter 3, Vestige, has not been released yet).
  • Taking the trapdoor at the beginning of the game will guarantee an extra item drops via a care package in Glacier 1's Treasure Room.
    • This trapdoor only allows the player to travel to either Glacier 1 or Downpour 1.
    • If the player skips the trapdoor in the beginning of the run and enters any other room, the trapdoor will shut. If the player travels to Glacier 1 after beating the boss of the floor, the extra item will not appear.
  • If the player does not have flight, they cannot exit the Hub once they enter it. The one exception being the starting room hub which has a built in ladder allowing the player to exit. Doing so will cause the trapdoor to shut and become inaccessible.
  • Towards the top of the room, the Hub features characters from Revelations and Repentance (from left to right: Charon, Dante, Bertran, Sarah, Isaac, Bethany, Essau, Jacob, Edith).