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Hyper dice
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"Special rerolls?"
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Activated Collectible
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Treasure Room

Hyper Dice is an activated collectible added in Revelations Chapter One. It is a die that only rerolls special rooms of the same type and shape.


Treasure Room: Hyper Dice rerolls treasure rooms into other treasure rooms. Another item will only be offered if there is an item on the pedestal.

Shop: Hyper Dice rerolls shops into other shops, with either more or less items for sale.

Boss Room: Hyper Dice is able to reroll the Boss Room during a fight to change the boss, or after the fight to fight a different boss. If you fight the boss a second time, you will get another item drop regardless of picking up the original item or not.

Sacrifice Rooms: Hyper Dice is able to reroll Sacrifice Rooms, but currently it removes the spike in the middle of the room.

Challenge Rooms: Hyper Dice can reroll challenge rooms before, during, or after the fight. You only need to fight the room one time. If you complete the challenge room, you may reroll the room and take its new contents without having to face the challenge a second time. If you reroll during a fight, it will reroll the enemies and rewards, but the fight will still be going.

Curse Rooms: Hyper Dice will reroll the contents of Curse Rooms.

Dice Rooms: Hyper Dice does not reroll the dice shown on the floor, but will reroll any collectibles on the ground, and will spawn new ones if the originals are taken.

Devil Deal Rooms: Hyper Dice rerolls items and collectibles for sale, regardless if they are taken. You cannot reroll a regular Devil Real Room into a Krampus fight.

Angel Deal Rooms: Hyper Dice rerolls items and collectibles in the room. If you reroll the room before fighting the angel, you will not be able to blow up the statue unless you leave the room and re-enter. If you fight the angel and then reroll, a statue will not spawn unless you leave and re-enter the room.

Miniboss Rooms: Hyper Dice rerolls these rooms, such as Sin Fight Rooms or Krampus Fight Rooms into other miniboss bossfights. You can reroll during the fight or after the fight.


  • Hyper Dice can only be used a certain amount of times. Starting at 0 and capping at 100, each time you use it, the counter will double in chance for the dice to "corrupt". When the dice corrupts, you will lose the dice and will either be teleported to the Error Room, or all of your held items will be rerolled.
    • The maximum amount of times you can use Hyper Dice is eight times.
  • If using Hyper Dice spawns enemies in the room, all doors will be closed unless you defeat all enemies.
  • Hyper Dice can't reroll a special room into a different type of special room.
    • It also cannot reroll a 1x1 room into a 2x2 room, or a 2x1 room.
  • Hyper Dice cannot be used outside of special rooms.
  • Hyper Dice is extremely helpful with getting Key Piece 1 and Key Piece 2 on the same floor, as you can reroll the Angel Deal Room and fight the angels however many times you are able to reroll.
  • Before Hyper Dice "corrupts", using it has a chance to play noises with distorted pitches, shuffle your consumables, and darken, pixelate or shake the screen.
  • Hyper Dice's corruption chance is not separate per dice. If you pick up a second dice (such as duping it with Crooked Penny) it will still retain the corruption chance the last dice had.
  • Delirium is the only boss that can be found when rerolling 2x2 boss rooms. Rerolling Delirium's room will do nothing.
  • Mom's Heart can appear in boss rooms even if It Lives is unlocked. This can happen on any floor.
  • You cannot reroll Revelation's Mirror Room or Dante Satan Room.
  • Rerolling Item Rooms, Shops, etc can spawn modded items.
    • Modded bosses, however, cannot be rerolled from normal bosses.

In-game Footage


Giantbook hyperdice.png - Giantbook image for using Hyper Dice successfully.

Giantbook hyperdice corrupt.png - Giantbook image for Hyper Dice corrupting.