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Music Box
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    Tear Appearance
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"Thank the Maestro"
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Activated Collectible
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Music Box is an activated collectible added in Revelations Chapter 2.


  • Upon use, drops a music box on the ground that can play one of four different tunes, each with their own effects which last while the music box is playing.
    • Lullaby - All enemies are gradually slowed, before eventually falling alseep, signified with small "zzz"s above their heads. Any damage will wake them. Melody.
    • Hymn - The player gains +1 speed, +2 damage, and homing tears for the duration. Melody.
    • Samba - Tear Delay -2, Piercing and Spectral for the duration. Melody.
    • Metal - All enemies randomly attack each other for the duration. Melody.


  • Multiple music boxes placed down will stack the effects.
    • Infinite music boxes can be placed down at a time.

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