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Peashy is an enemy added in Revelations Chapter 2.



    Character Appearance
    Tear Appearance
Peashy Img.png
Base HP
Appears in
Stage tomb.png

Peashy keep at a distance from the player, doing a variety of different attacks

  • Throws a nail towards the player that lands in the ground. If the player shoots the nail or walks up against the nail, it will bend. If the player shoots or walks up against a bent nail, it will stick up and will damage the player if he steps on it. Shooting nails sticking up will destroy them.
  • Throws a nail tear directly at the player.
  • Dashes at the player if he gets too close, sticking up any bent nails or nails stuck in the ground that he dashes over.


  • Peashy is a direct reference of the Edmund McMillen game Cereus Peashy, where Peashy is the main protagonist.