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"Do not covet thy health"
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Passive Collectible
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Angel Room

Penance is an unlockable passive collectible added in Revelations Chapter One, and was reworked in Chapter Two.

Achievements[edit | edit source]

  • Achievement penance.png Unlocked Penance - Defeat Mom as Sarah.

Effects[edit | edit source]

  • All spawned Soul Hearts pickups are replaced with Black Hearts, as well as Soul Hearts gained through other means (such as Book of Revelations).
    • Soul Hearts already collected or spawned before obtaining Penance are unaffected.
  • When returning to rooms with uncollected Black Hearts, any Black Hearts in the room will immediately transform into spirits and fly off-screen.
  • Upon taking Black Heart damage while in combat, all of the player's Black Hearts will be removed and reform as spirits. Each Black Heart will spawn one spirit. These spirits will move to one of the cardinal sides of the player, charge for a moment and dash across the room, dealing contact damage to the player and enemies. After combat is finished, the spirits will disappear and black hearts will be restored with no damage.
    • Taking Black Heart damage outside of combat damages the player normally.
    • If Black Hearts are the only type of heart the player has, taking damage in combat immediately kills the player no matter how many Black Hearts they have.
    • When dealing damage to the player, spirits may disappear, causing 1 black heart to be lost.
  • All Angel Rooms are replaced with a unique layout featuring an Angel statue with a broken wing that offers no items normally. Upon entering, the Angel will fully refill the player's Red Hearts and remove all the player's Black Hearts; because of this, it is highly not recommended to pick up Penance when playing a character that is unable to collect Red Heart Containers. Upon removing a certain number of Black Hearts, the Angel will reward the player with an item from the angel room pool, alongside additional rewards depending on how many times the player has been rewarded.
    • The number of Black Hearts required begins at 1, then increases by 1 for each time the player was previously rewarded in that run (to a maximum of 5 required). Unused Black Hearts are returned upon leaving the Angel Room.
      • The 2nd reward will always drop a Gold Heart alongside the item.
      • The 3rd reward will always drop a Eternal Heart alongside the item.
      • The 4th reward will always spawn an Eternal Chest alongside the item. Additionally, when playing as Sarah, it immediately heals her broken wings and grants flight if they aren't already healed.
      • The 5th reward and onward will always spawn both an Eternal Chest and a Eternal Heart alongside the item.
  • When not playing as Sarah, Penance acts like Duality; whenever a Devil or Angel room spawns after defeating a boss, the other will also spawn. The room not chosen will disappear.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Prior to Chapter Two, Penance converted Soul Hearts, Black Hearts, and Gold Hearts into stat upgrades upon travelling to a new floor instead of its current effect. Soul Hearts upgraded Shot Speed by 0.06 per half (to a maximum of 0.70, after which it would upgrade Range by 2.10 per half instead). Black Hearts upgraded Damage by 0.15 per half. Gold Hearts upgraded Luck by 1.00 per heart.
    • It did not activate if the player had no Red Heart containers, except on Blue Baby, where it consumed any hearts over 6 total hearts.
  • Sarah starts with this item.

Gallery[edit | edit source]