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    Character Appearance
    Tear Appearance
Portrait punker.png
Base HP

(DMG) * 20

Appears in
Stage caves.png Stage flooded caves.png Stage chest.png

Punker is one of the bosses added in Revelations Chapter One, and can be found in Caves, Catacombs, Flooded Caves, and the Chest. He is one of Revelations' bosses that is not based off of a base-game boss, he is the only boss added in Chapter One that can be found outside of Glacier. Revelations adds in Health Scaling for their added bosses. Punker's health will be set at the beginning of the fight dependent on whichever number is higher between 350 or the player's damage times 20.


  • ChampionsA.png New boss champions - Defeat all bosses in Revelations: Chapter One. (Narcissus isn't required. Punker is, however.)


  • Occasionally shoots tears out of his mouth, propelling himself back towards the player.
    • This attack can sometimes spawn Puckers.
    • This attack can sometimes be performed a few times in rapid succession.
  • Occasionally fires a brimstone laser out of his mouth which propels him backward. This attack lasts until he hits a wall, sending out a small burst of tears.
  • Occasionally fires a small burst of tears downwards, spawning a Pucker.
  • Occasionally lobs a giant tear at the player. If the tear lands down, a large burst of tears is sent up into the air, which slowly descends. If the player is hit by the large tear, the burst of tears is not sent out.
  • Occasionally slams his face on the ground, sending out a burst of tears and begins sliding towards the player leaving damaging red creep. When the attack ends, a small burst of tears is sent out.

Champion Versions

  • Champion: Signified by Punker's mouth being brown instead of red. All of Punker's attacks are now poop/corn poop based. Attacks now spawn Corn Dips and Corn Mines, all tears are turned into corn tears, attacks that leave damaging creep leaves slippery brown creep, and his brimstone attack is replaced with a giant corn tear attack.