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Sandy is one of the bosses added in Revelations Chapter Two, and can be found in Tomb.


Sandy spends most of the fight burrowed underground. All of her attacks happen either while she is underground or coming up from being underground.

Phase 1 (400 Health).

  • Sandy jumps across the room, spawning a few Antlion Babies. When she lands, it will take her a few seconds to fully burrow back underground.
  • Sandy lines herself up to the left or right of the player and charges them horizontally across the room, spawning a few Antlion Babies.
  • Sandy remains underground and does circles around the room, spawning a large amount of eggs. When eggs are destroyed, 2-4 Antlion Babies are spawned. When Sandy stops moving around underground, she will come up and roar, making all unhatched eggs hatch and spawn 2-4 Antion Babies. She will then take a few deep breaths before burrowing back underground.
  • Sandy's mouth becomes visible and a large sand pit spawns. Sandy begins sucking the player towards her. If the player enters the sand pit, he will not be allowed to leave. During this attack, Antlion Babies are spawned randomly. Sarcophagi in the room have a chance to open and spawn a few rag enemies. If these enemies are eaten by Sandy, they bursts into arcing tears.

Phase 2 (300 Health).

  • Phase 2 begins when all of Sandy's health is depleted. Sandy's death animation will play, but Sandy will stay there. A flying, grey Antlion will spawn and start flying towards Sandy, and enter Sandy's carcass, reviving her.
  • Phase 2 Sandy has all of Phase 1 attacks, except for the sand pit attack.
  • Phase 2 Sandy is faster than Phase 1 Sandy
  • Phase 1 attacks that spawn Antlions instead have a chance to spawn Antlion Eggs instead.

Champion Versions

  • Champion: Sandy, who's champion is War themed, releases 8 tears in all directions whenever she lands after leaping in the air. As she takes damage she spawns Troll Bombs around her. After taking enough damage, Sandy coughs up an invincible War who proceeds to dash around the room spawning Troll Bombs. Eventually when Sandy performs her sand pit attack she occasionally spews War who, while airborne, can perform one of his two attacks.
    • Raises his horse and spawns a few Troll Bombs around the centre of the room.
    • Spits 8 tears in all directions.

Upon death, Sandy coughs up a low health War who proceeds to chase Isaac identical to the last phase of his fight.



  • When fighting Sandy for the first time, the pre-bossfight Vs. screen will show War. When entering the room, War will be in the middle, before suddenly being eaten by Sandy, beginning the main fight.
    • In subsequent fights, this scene will not play out and Sandy will be shown correctly on the Vs. screen and in the start of the fight.
  • Sandy's phase 2 is called Jeffrey in the mod's files. This is a reference to the Revelations community calling Sandy "Jeffrey" before knowing her actual name, which became a meme even after her name was revealed.
    • The flying, grey Antlion that revives Sandy into her second phase is referred to as Baby Jeffrey in the mod's file aswell.
      • Baby Jeffrey's name in the files before this was "Next of Kin"