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Constellations seem bigger.
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Telescope is a trinket added in Revelations Chapter 2.


  • Boosts the effects of the constellation collectibles when held
    • Cancer: -2 Tear Rate
    • Gemini: After taking damage, Gemini detaches for the current room.
    • Taurus: Removes the speed penalty.
    • Scorpio: Enemies leave a pool of green creep when dying.
    • Sagittarius: Tears increase in damage by 50% per enemy they pierce.
    • Aries: Doubles the ramming damage.
    • Leo: Running over rocks sends out tears in a + pattern.
    • Pisces: Knock back is stronger.
    • Aquarius: Increase all blue puddle sizes.
    • Virgo: Book of shadows invulnerability each time the player is hit.
    • Libra: 20% Chance when using a key to get a bomb, and vice versa.
    • Capricorn: +1 Extra luck.



  • the Cancer's effect grants the same effect as the Trinket with the same name
  • Aquarius' Effect Stacks with Lost_Cork
  • Capricorn turns into a true All-stats up, as originally, none of the all stats up in Isaac increase luck

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