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The Binding of Isaac: Revelations is a three-part mod for the rogue-like, Binding of Isaac: Rebirth and its subsequent DLCs. The mod adds a variety of items, such as new monsters, items, characters, and most notably, new custom floorpaths.

The first chapter of the mod to be released, called Chapter One, or Glacier, adds a new floorpath which takes on an arctic feel.

Chapter Two, called Tomb, adds the second floor to the Revelations floorpath, and has a sandy tomb theme.

The mod adds a plethora of new items, trinkets, monsters, bosses, and two new characters.

Release date
Chapter 1: 2018 January 5
Chapter 2: 2018 October 13
Chapter 3: TBD
Steampage Quote

Enter the Tomb.

The second chapter to the popular Revelations mod brings a new dangerous floor on your journey through the circles: The heretical Tomb. Dangers lurk on every tile, mischief in every wall, and tyranny beneath the hot sand. A full roster of unique enemies calls this realm their own, from the musty Ragmancer and his bandaged minions, to the Sandbobs vigorously defending the sandswept rooms they've made home.

Half a dozen unique bosses preside over the floor. Aragnid descends skittering from the ceiling. Sarcophaguts, eternally bonded to his coffin. Catastrophe, familiar friends who need some attention and more.

A cavalcade of new items await you. Quench your insatiable appetite with Glutton's Gut. Don the super charged box with Cardboard Robot or excersise heavens fury with Ophanim.

Play as the ferryman of the dead himself, Charon, Eternally grumpy and armed with his trusty oar and lantern to guide lost souls home. ~from Revelation's Steam Workshop Page.

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