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"Fortune sides with him who dares"
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Passive Collectible
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Virgil is a passive collectible added in Revelations Chapter 2.


  • On the field:
    • Virgil guides the player through the floor, pointing to doors that lead to Treasure Rooms, Shops, and Boss Rooms.
    • Virgil points out tinted rocks by throwing rocks at them. Virgil can do this three times per floor.
      • If the player has no bombs, Virgil will instead throw a bomb at the tinted rock. Virgil can do this three times per floor.
    • Virgil smacks nearby Troll Bombs away from the player.
    • If the player dies, Virgil revives the player in the previous room with full health. Virgil can only do this once.
  • In fights:
    • Virgil can throw a rock at enemies, which taunts them into chasing him.
    • If the player takes collision damage, Virgil will angrily scold the enemy with a firm point, confusing the enemy for a short amount of time.


  • Virgil has a 1/25 chance to spawn in the beginning of Revelation's floors. By walking over Virgil, the player recruits him for the floor.

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